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About US

We are a designers manufacturing factory using patient and hand on guidance as our key ingrediencies.

Fine Love for Design

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DIVO Academy is the place for multimedia graphic design in terms of learning, exchanging design concept with others who share the same interest, as well as personal branding development. You can have your daily dose of design information, knowledge over here and eventually graduate with necessary skill to meet your personal goals.

Small Class environment

Each students get attention from lecturers, they are encouraged and get more opportunities to participate and express their opinion.

It also give lecturers the opportunity to customize instruction and guidance, and students receive their instructors’ and mentors’ undivided attention

Smiling Student in Lecture

Mature Learning Experience

A part from the design courses, we promote a mature, friendly relationship between staffer/lecturer and students. Student will be treated as adult and bear the responsibility like an adult as well.

Graphic Design Workspace

Market Demand

As technology progress, so are the demand for graphic designers. From products design to information design, almost every business if not all, require employees with graphic design skill. Having the right skills at the right timing is the key for better job employment.

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